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Neuro Champions Young Leaders in Mental Health


Over eight to twelve weeks, our Young Leaders Programme supports young people aged 10 -25 to explore the brain, body, thoughts and behaviour whilst also developing their digital, creative and media skills.

Backed by science, designed by our expert team in collaboration with young people and delivered through play-based interactive teaching methods, the programme supports young people to learn about themselves whilst giving them the confidence to support their peers. 

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Each session is delivered over one and a half hours and adapted to the age and learning needs of participants. Our interactive approach combines psycho-education, games, and digital and media content creation. 

Session 1: Neuro Champions Engagement Session 

Introduce the programme, play Neuro Champions games and support the group to develop trust in the facilitators and each other. 

Session 2: The Brain and You 

Support young people to discuss their understanding of the brain and to learn about the gross structures of the brain. This session also helps young people to start learning about how they can identify and communicate their feelings to each other. 

Session 3: Brain Development 

Support young people to understand brain development and attachment theory. 

Session 4 and 5: The Brain and Emotion 

Support young people to understand the neuroscience behind their emotions, as well as thinking about the role their environment will play in their feelings, thoughts and behaviour. 

Session 6: Sharing the Messages of Mental Health 

Young people are supported to develop their listening and advice-giving skills. They will also be given knowledge on where to go for support. 

Session 7: Digital Skills Session 

Support young people to develop skills in videography, photography, animation and social media content creation.  

Session 8: Social Media 

Support young people with understanding how to use social media to promote positive mental health and neuroscience messages. 

Session 9: Neuro Focus 

Supporting young people to think about their area of interest within neuroscience and mental health. 

Session 10: Story boarding and script writing 

Support young people to develop their skills storyboarding and script writing. 

Sessions 11 and 12: Media Creation  

Support young people to consolidate their learning and complete media projects using a range of digital and immersive media formats. 

Closing Event: Public Screening: Public screening of the work that the Neuro Champions have created. 


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