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Neuro Champions Parents, Carers and Guardians Workshops

These workshops are delivered over one and a half hours, guides parents, carers and guardians through the developing adolescent brain. We explore how brain development can affect young people’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and focus on how the environment can have an impact on developing (and mature) brains. We particularly examine the role of social media and digital culture in mental health and wellbeing.  
The workshops cover topics such as: 

  • The Teenage Brain 
  • Feelings and Emotions 
  • The Brain, Attachment and Love 
  • Understanding Teenage Behaviour 
  • Building Trusting Relationships 
  • Giving Advice and Managing Difficult Situations 
  • Digital and Media skills 
  • Understanding Social Media 
  • Supporting Online Safety 
If you are a parent, carer or guardian and want to develop practical ways to help you communicate with your child or teen then contact us to find out more - Schedule your appointment here

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