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Book review

Blame my Brain. The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed

Author: Nicola Morgan 

Daughter: Alex, aged 11

I enjoyed this book, it was interesting for both me and my mum. And it was easy to read and understandable.

I enjoyed doing the quizzes and tests, then comparing my answers with my mum. It was nice both reading and talking about it and speaking about our responses.

Now I’ve read the book I understand more about what is going on inside my brain. This also means that my mum understands my brain as well. I think this will make my teenage years slightly easier!


Mum: Paula, age not specified

I quite liked this book as it was easy to pick up and read. I did have some concerns in parts due to the terminology used naming certain behaviours and conditions that I thought Alex may not of heard of and may give her ideas in the future (i.e. anorexia) but when I asked if she knew about these words before reading the book, she was aware of these (and more) so it enabled us to talk about these based on some of the facts in the book.

This book has definitely made me more aware of the changes that are currently happening in Alex’s body and that will continue to happen for the next eight years or so.  Although these changes are not an excuse for unacceptable behaviour, they have made me realise that it’s tough growing up and it is not the end of the world if her room is a mess (among other things!). 

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