My Journey at Neuro Champions

Hi I am Juliette and work on the Neuro Champions project. I have recently moved to Newcastle but am delighted to still be a part of the Neuro Champions team. My commute gives me time to practice what I preach; self-care. I often spend a part of my journey practising mindfulness (with the help of the Headspace app), unwinding by reading (I’ve recently finished Robert Webb’s ‘How not to be a boy’) and podcast binging. Although I enjoy my commute, the Neuro Champions team are hoping to bring the programme to Newcastle.

Research has shown that the North East has some of the highest mental illness rates in the UK, with another report showing that over 75% of mental illnesses in adult life begin before the age of 18. The Neuro Champions Programme could be a part of the solution to this problem as it is a preventative programme that trains Young Leaders in areas of mental health, well-being and neuroscience.

From facilitating, I have seen first-hand the difference this programme can make to the understanding and management of emotions for young people and I am excited for schools in Newcastle to have this opportunity.


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