Great Partnerships

This week we had the pleasure to interview two youth workers who have commissioned a number of Neuro Champions Young Leaders programmes. We have worked together now for over two years and their feedback was fantastic! 



Here are some of the things that they said...


'Neuro Champions provides ongoing opportunities, support doesn't just stop once the programme finishes.'
'What has been wonderful for us is to come into a lovely setting and do this kind of work as a partnership where we can signpost people into the next steps and they have actually been offered employment and opportunities such as research and photography, that has been built upon the work that we have done, so it's been fabulous.'

'The Neuro Champion experience provides education and aspiration as some of the programmes have delivered in the university. Some of our young women have never been in a university so it puts it on their agenda that this is something that is possible for them. We have a couple of young women who have been offered university places in September, so we are giving people opportunities and resources that they may or may not be able to access normally.'


'What I love about it, is that staff really are forward thinking, it's fab for us to have them conversations, so it's being creative, and it is always based on need. So, we ask, how can we support those young people, or the family and it is a breath of fresh air really and it motivates us. So, its responsive really and based on mutual professional respect. 


'It's a fabulous partnership and we want to keep it going.'


 We have two words... Thank you! 

If you are interested in partnership working or getting involved in some of the things that we do, do not hesitate to contact us.  



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