Did you know?

Just one of our Neuro Champion Train The Trainers (TTT) programmes has the potential to impact between 200-300 children and young people? 

As there are approximately 10 trainers on each of our TTT programmes and each of them will deliver at least 2 Neuro Champion Young Leaders programmes (10-15 per group =20-30 in total), this means that the 10 trainers combined will have an impact on 200-300 children and young people! That is amazing!

This means 200-300 children and young people can have; 

 improved mental health
 reduced mental ill health
 improved emotional health
increased knowledge of the brain and mental health
increased knowledge and skills in key areas
increased confidence to make healthier choices
increased understanding of self and others
 improved relationship with others

If you want to know more about our training, take a look at our programmes (www.neurochampions.com)


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